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WOW! FEB 4, 2002 - Degree Confluence Project is one more place you can turn to, if you're searching for some orientation to this little blue planet we call Earth. And it's a participatory project as well, in that your input is welcome if you'd like to get out and make a photographic pilgrimage to any of the 12,000+ confluences not yet documented at Degree Confluence Project. What's a confluence? Well, here it's used in the sense of being a place of integral latitude/longitude intersection; i.e. a place identified by whole numbers in both latitude and longitude. Such a confluence can be found within 49 miles (79 kilometers) of you right now. If it's not already cataloged, you've got yourself a fine excuse for an expedition. I don't think that's going to be the major use for Degree Confluence Project, however. Rather, I suspect astrology types and others might have occasion to look up a particular coordinate intersection just to get a rough idea of where a place is, in those instances when someone provides coordinates rather than a place name when requesting a horoscope. On the other hand, this does sound like an intriguing variation on the scavenger hunt theme . . .

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