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WOW!JAN 28, 2002 - Planet X & The Pole Shift gives you the plain truth regarding some nonsense going around about how an unknown planet (aka Planet X, Nibiru) from the fringes of our solar system is going to tear through our little corner of the cosmos and knock Earth off its axis in 2003. Scary stuff - the stuff schizophrenic delusions and wacky scams are made of. Be of good cheer however, for as this site demonstrates, the entire silly scheme is refutable point by point right down the line. From its origins in 'psychic transmissions' from Zeta Reticuli (Nancy Lieder) to its recent popularization by Mark Hazelwood on the Art Bell Show, the whole thing is delusional. Don't take my word, see for yourself. Visit Planet X & The Pole Shift and see the 'evidence' exposed for the fraud it is. (This site could stand some editing, by the way. But at least you don't need a lie detector to analyze the presentation.)

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