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WOW!JAN 14, 2002 - The Daily Reckoning is a droll and savvy guide to contrarian finance. Anyone in the markets really ought to at least get acquainted with this vast site and its many contributors. While there are lots of investment newsletters you can subscribe to from this site - from $99 on up - there's plenty of free guidance and opinion to sample as well. And the free stuff is entertaining enough to suffice in its own right. Just don't click on over expecting hot tips and insider info to get you rich quick. The Daily Reckoning is put together by people who know better, the kind who really believe and profit from those old platitudes - like. "it's better to invest in good companies than 'good' stocks." Fancy that! Astrological investment advice, if it's on-site at all, is deep enough in background that I couldn't find it. That's fine. No matter what kind of charts you're reading, The Daily Reckoning will help put the markets in a more sensible perspective.

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