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WOW!NOV 19, 2001 - GaiaMind is a blend of New Age thought and astrology, a combination that's bound to stir up lots of fertile imaginings. If the grand sweep of history and apocalyptic visions of accelerated time (or time screeching to a halt) are the kind of stuff that send your mind reeling, you're bound to find plenty of grist for the mill at GaiaMind. For example, be sure to check out The Meaning of the Great Planetary Cycles by E. Alan Meece, and don't miss Richard Tarnas' Notes on the World Trade Center Attack - to name just a couple of worthy essays. If stunning website design is a sine qua non, then GaiaMind is apt to fall flat. But for perspective, history and the power of the written word to stir the imagination, this is a website not to be missed.

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