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WOW!NOV 5, 2001 - How To Cook An Alien is the answer to your prayers, if you've been staying up late studying the Moon and planets - and maybe rubbing shoulders a little too closely with some of those wee beasties who go bump in the night. Really, who do they think they are, messin' around our planet and pokin' around our innards? I say, give 'em a taste of their own medicine - and make 'em tasty while you're at it. Drop by Walley Anglesea's How To Cook An Alien, and you'll find all this and more just waiting to explore. Don't miss the true history of the Weber grill, how it was reverse-engineered from the Roswell wreck. And commit to memory the top eight reasons for alien cookery. (Shouldn't there be ten reasons, Wally?) What the heck, number eight is good enough for me all by its lonesone: alien meat "is safer than British Beef." (Stuff it, Oprah!) So what if the recipes are blank?! By the time you catch yourself a grey, I'm sure Wally will have 'em all ready for you.

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