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WOW!OCT 8, 2001 - Pipers Astrology Pages would be an excellent place to start if you're in search of online astrological resources. This well-maintained catalog of astrological websites is made available free of charge by Pipers, a worldwide intellectual property legal firm with offices in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. Apparently astrology is one of many intellectual properties wherein the Pipers staff take an interest, which they generously share on the Net with anyone who drops by. And drop by you should, because Pipers Astrology Pages is every bit as complete a catalog of its kind as I've found anywhere on the World Wide Web.

Technically speaking, Web Site Garage rates Pipers Astrology Pages excellent over-all and in load time (5.90 seconds at 28.8k). By comparison, the page you're now reading also rates excellent in both categories (loading in 9.20 seconds at 28.8k).

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