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WOW!SEP 10, 2001 - AstroEcon is a timely selection, what with near hysteria regarding the world financial markets being the sentiment of the day. Astrologer and market analyst Robert Hitt uses astrological methods to study market psychology, and combines this with other factors (including technical analysis, in the Wall Street vernacular) to attempt a preview of where the markets are headed. You have to be a paying subscriber to get the benefit of his latest thinking; otherwise this website offers only a few statements of general principle which astrological sophisticates might be able to incorporate into a market strategy. Since an AstroEcon subscription goes for $200 (and up to $300 "in mid fall of 2001"), I recommend thoroughly studying the free portions of this site so you can make as well informed a decision as possible about subscribing. (See the FAQ, for example.)

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