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WOW!SEP 3, 2001 - Chaos Manor is Jerry Pournelle's home on the Web, which makes it the heir to the only reason I ever subscribed to the now-defunct McGraw Hill BYTE magazine of old; namely Jerry Pournelle. What Jerry does well, he does excellently - which is to say explaining and chatting about computer stuff, aerospace, science fiction, and mostly whatever crosses his mind. If that sounds terribly vague and disorganized, don't sweat it - Bob's your uncle. Oh, and there's as clear, calm and fair a takedown of Velikovsky (including a well-deserved slap at Sagan) as I've ever seen: essential reading if you've seen some of the Velikovsky controversy in the astrological newsgroups lately. As web design goes, Chaos Manor is about as primitive as it gets - but the content is priceless.

Technical note: Web Site Garage rates Chaos Manor good over-all, poor in load time (34.46 seconds with a 28.8k modem). In comparison, the page you're now reading rates excellent in both categories, loading in 8.96 seconds at 28.8k.

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