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WOW!AUG 20, 2001 - Watching You is an effective topical treatment for the credulously challenged; which is to say if you're prone to believe in nonsense, you probably ought to spend a bit of time here 'til you get your head on straight. Or at least, straighter. Astrology having its fair share of nonsense - as a mere glance at some of the astrological newsgroups clearly demonstrates - it's not a bad idea to hone one's skeptical instincts now and then. Watching You obliges in spades, in an eclectic selection of satires and exposes that spares little of the New Age genre. (In the expose category, don't miss the truth about the Marfa Lights.) Watching You webmaster Lou Minatti skewers a lot of sacred cows - probably one or two of yours - with a sense of humor and humanity that does debunking proud. (Even if you disagree with his conclusion, and you're bound to now and then.)

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