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WOW!JUL 23, 2001 - Spaceflight Now can keep you on top of space exploration, with plenty of timely, up-to-date and attractively illustrated articles on current missions. Or, if you prefer, you can subscribe for free email updates delivered right to your desktop. Either way, you get all the "right stuff" you can handle, and plenty of astronomical updates you can ponder on incorporating into your study and practice of astrology. For example, what about the recent global warming happening on Mars, which just within the last month has seen an increase in atmospheric temperature of approximately 50 degrees F: does this alter in any way the significance the Red Planet has for human experience? The cause of this warm-up is a giant dust storm which now practically envelopes the entire planet. Is a stormy Mars astrologically different from a quiet Mars? These are questions you can't even address without input from eclectic sources like Spaceflight Now, and that makes it a must-see site as far as I'm concerned.

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