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WOW!JUN 25, 2001 - Astrology, Astrology & MORE Astrology Discount Books is the first astrology bookstore I've reviewed in years, and it's about time. Of course you get secure online ordering with your credit card, and competitive pricing: this is the minimum you expect from any online bookstore. Astrology Discount Books takes it a step further by specializing in your area of interest (more wheat, less chaff). Moreover, they claim to have the best discount book prices anywhere on the 'Net: "We price & ship for less than Amazon and Barnes & Noble!!!" If one of the several books featured on their home page is what you're looking for, your online shopping expedition will be lightning fast. If your needs go beyond the feature selection, their speedy search engine will turn up what you want in a heartbeat. Or, if you're in a more exploratory mood, you might want to browse the several categories of astrology books (plus calendars and annuals) they offer. What you won't find is a huge selection of titles - here, the emphasis is on quality; which they apparently buy in quantity, in order to give you the price you love.

Technical note: Web Site Garage rates Astrology, Astrology & MORE Astrology Discount Books good over-all, fair in load time (20.05 seconds on a 28.8k modem). In comparison, the page you're now reading rates excellent in both categories (with a load time of 9.75 seconds at 28.8k).

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