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WOW!JUN 18, 2001 - Environmental Cosmology offers a different perspective on astrology, and is well worth some study if you're not familiar with the 'astrology-as-ecology' line of reasoning. It's still symbolic and it even keeps the twelve zodiacal signs, although it renames them for a new set of North American totems: wolf, bear, squirrel, bison, cougar, rabbit, swan, rattler, mustang, moutain goat, otter and elk in that order. (This is done, says author K. D. McRitchie, in the hope that "renaming the zodiac would improve astrology, and end the ignorance and confusions between signs and constellations.") Contemporary and contemplative, Environmental Cosmology makes for some interesting reading, just the thing to get you thinking about what astrology might really be.

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