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WOW!JUN 11, 2001 - HeadlineMuse is a free online news magazine of a higher sort, the sort it behooves astrologers and other seekers of wisdom to study carefully. That's because HeadlineMuse offers analysis and commentary on culture and events of the day from an archetypal point of view - in other words, from the timeless perspective of the ultimate being underlying the kaleidoscope of appearances and details we mistake for reality. Let's face it, we're all up to here in the news and the real world, all narrowly defined in nice, neat, practical sound bites covering all the political angles. In its monthly treasure trove of articles by mythologists and others whose perspective is the real high ground, HeadlineMuse shows that spirit is yet alive in the real world - as for example in the execution of Timothy McVeigh, the latest Blues Traveler CD, golfing with the gods, and the perils of romance. (Will someone please wax eloquent on the wonders of single malt Highland whisky in a future issue, or at least pay homage to the martini that's stirred and not shaken?) Don't be stupid, don't miss HeadlineMuse: it's better than good stuff.

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