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WOW!APR 23, 2001 - Mystic Medusa may just be the best "Sun Sign astrology" site on the whole World Wide Web; which is to say, the silliest. With appropriate sarcasm - and a touch of nastiness that invokes TV's Weakest Link game show - Mystic Medusa can make you feel suitably foolish for inquiring after your "Sun Sign". And if that doesn't leave you sufficiently humiliated, check out Mystic Medusa's Oracle for additional affronts to your sense of cosmic self importance.

Technical note: Web Site Garage rates Mystic Medusa good over-all and in load time (10.91 seconds with a 28.8k modem). In comparison, the page you're now reading rates excellent in both categories, with a load time of 8.12 seconds at 28.8k.

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