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WOW!APR 9, 2001 - Alchemy Lab is a sure cure for what ails you if you think alchemy is some ancient delusion dedicated to making gold out of lead and other base metals. While an apt metaphor, that's hardly the transformation real alchemists are up to: turning the human mind and body into a vehicle for spiritual transcendence. That's what Alchemy Lab is all about, from practical supplies (herbs, chemicals etc.) to a virtual online seminar on the subject. And, this being the InterNet, there's also a network of fellow seekers at your disposal. Unimaginable to anyone who hasn't at least dabbled in the genuine article, the stuff you'll find at Alchemy Lab is an essential part of your education as a complete human being. Where's the astrological connection? Get on over to Alchemy Lab and discover for yourself!

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SPECIAL NOTICE: I plan to take a much deserved vacation APR 15-29, and won't resume this feature until after my return.

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