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WOW!FEB 12, 2001 - Astrobella is the answer if the question is "Where's good online astrology with true grit and real wit?" (Or something like that.) Actually, Astrobella isn't much like anything I've ever seen in the way of astrology, except when Michael Lutin goes lunatic on stage. This is fun stuff and good basic astrology all rolled into one strange little sushi. If you don't know what to do first once you land on the simple and attractive home page, why not drop by the Zodiac Trailer Park for starters? There, the latest from Lurlene is that she and Dwight are back "rocking the double-wide off its blocks." I believe this is a good thing. It seems to inspire her selection of mystic date sites for each Sun Sign, at any rate. If you're of a more reflective turn of mind, don't miss The Daily Astrologer, an astrological e-novel and a real slice of life. These are just a couple of the many unique and well-done creations awaiting you at Astrobella, so get on over and check it out for yourself. You'll be glad you did - especially if you take the Spot the Psycho test.

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