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WOW!FEB 5, 2001 - An Astrologer's Perspective is Carrie Lever's perspective, to be precise. An interesting outlook it is too, if you're at all intrigued by what is technically termed mundane astrology - that is, the astrology of politics, weather and the larger world around us. When I visited the home page, featured articles touched on the USS Cole bomb attack, the Israel-PLO peace negotiations, and the recent US Presidential election - all from an astrological viewpoint, of course. There's an archive of older articles, too. Substance rather than style is the focal point of An Astrologer's Perspective, as websites go. With a little spit and polish to speed up load time, fix typos and sharpen up the graphics (some of which were so poorly contrasted as to be invisible on my screen), this could turn into a major destination for astrologically-oriented Web browsers.

Technical note: Web Site Garage rates An Astrologer's Perspective fair over-all, poor in load time (70.85 seconds on a 28.8k modem, or 3.17 seconds over a T1). In comparison, the page you're now reading rates good in both categories (with a load time of 10.13 seconds at 28.8k, 1 second on a T1).

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