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WOW!JAN 29, 2001 - Celestial Calendars is a place to learn about - and buy, if it pleases you - a unique kind of calendar. This single-sheet, 26 x 38 inch poster (complete with 32 page guidebook) is not the sort of calendar you'd want to use to keep your appointments straight by any means. Rather, it's something of an astronomical space-time worldview all done up in glorious color. If things like sacred geometry, the Mayan calendar and energy fields are high on your list of interests, the current edition from Celestial Calendars is bound to take a place of honor on your wall - because it pulls these themes and more all together into one cosmic vision. The poster and guidebook are yours for $25.00 plus shipping and handling ($3.50 US) - see online order info for details.

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