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WOW!JAN 1, 2001 - Cassini-Huygens Mission is the website for NASA's robotic spacecraft of the same name. Having passed by Jupiter last week, Cassini is now well on its way to a rendezvous with Saturn. If all goes well - it has so far, by and large - Cassini will settle into orbit around Saturn. In addition to studying the Ringed Planet, Cassini will drop its Huygens probe off at Saturn's largest moon, Titan. Parachuting down to a soft landing on Titan, the Huygens probe will study the moon's surface and atmosphere. Between them, the two probes will revolutionize humankind's understanding of Saturn and its system. And that can't help but enhance the astrological perspective on the Ringed Planet. So drop by Cassini-Huygens Mission and come along for the ride, after catching up on some of the probe's observations of Jupiter along the way.

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