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WOW!OCT 16, 2000 - Moon Wobble is an online explanation of an astrological term you may occasionally run across. Stop by, check it out: it takes only a few seconds to satisfy your curiosity. In brief, "Moon Wobble" refers to the four times each year when the Sun is in major hard aspect to the Moon's nodes (i.e. the points at which the orbit of the Moon around the Earth intersects the Earth's orbit around the Sun). The major hard aspects are the conjunction (0 degree arc), square (90 degree arc) and opposition (180 degree arc). Eclipses can occur when the Sun and Moon are conjunct or opposite within some 18 degrees of the nodes, and eclipses are widely used among astrologers as predictive tools. Proponents of the "Moon Wobble" consider the conjunction/opposition alignments and square points in the Sun-Moon-nodes relationship as similar to eclipses; i.e. as indicators of extraordinary times. Signe Quinn Taff's Moon Wobble describes it as "a cycle that reflects chaos, upheavals and castrophes on different levels." Taff figures Moon Wobbles as lasting from about ten days before to ten days after the exact Sun-Node aspects, but her table of such periods for the year 2000 includes some "wobbles" that stretch into months - such as the one she calls a "Moon and Solar Wobble" that lingers from December 11, 2000 to February 9, 2001. Who's willing to bet that any period this long won't have a catastrophe or three? Suggestion: if you're going to look into "Moon Wobbles," show some decency and narrow your aspect orbs. And see if you can't be a bit more specific than vague ruminations of ruin in describing what a "Moon Wobble" entails - now that you know what one is.

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