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WOW!OCT 9, 2000 - is to astrology what computers are to astrology; namely, indispensable. What makes this site a must-visit is content; namely the musings of Dack Ragus, who if not a demigod is a least a magus. Inasmuch as one of Dack's interests - somewhere below the top three of golf, cocktails and watching movies - is computers in general and the World Wide Web in particular, you pretty much can't do any worthwhile astrology (or anything else requiring a computer) without checking in at on a fairly regular basis. Prepare to be insulted, if you watch Oprah, eat iceberg lettuce, or program in Flash or XML. (You've got it coming.) Don't miss Dack's web musings, whatever you do. However if you're truly enamored of his booze bit, you could probably stand a thorough liver analysis and full blood panel.

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