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WOW!SEP 11, 2000 - Case Against Cosmology is a perfect counterpoint to last week's featured site. For the plain rational fact of the matter is that cosmology is much like astrology in that - for all its fascination - it is beset with a number of fundamental problems when it comes to scientific investigation of the subject. Not the least of which is the dilemma noted by author M. J. Disney: "It is very questionable whether the study of any phenomenon that is not repeatable can call itself a science at all." Natal astrology and the individual human life it represents - let alone the origin of the Universe - being irreproducible by nature, astrology and cosmology alike are poorly suited for scientific analysis.

If you have a bare-bones browser, all you'll get from Case Against Cosmology is an abstract of Disney's article of the same name. But if you also have Adobe's Acrobat Reader plug-in for your browser, then you can quickly and easily get the entire nine-page article by clicking here and then selecting the "Create PDF" option - very highly recommended. (If you don't have the plug-in, you can download it free by clicking on the Adobe Acrobat Reader link in the General software section of Astropro's NetSelect Directory.)

Technical note: Web Site Garage rates Case Against Cosmology excellent over-all and in load time (2.00 seconds on a 28.8k modem). In comparison, the page you're now reading also rates excellent in both categories (9.81 seconds to load at 28.8k).

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