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WOW! JUL 24, 2000 - CelestialScience is the latest in a long line of unscientific attempts to reformulate astrology in scientific terms. In this particular instance, one Anthony Craig sets himself the task of reducing astrology to seven body types "based on planetary influence". Craig makes no claim of originality for his seven types, which he credits to Rodney Collin and the teachings of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky (with roots reaching back at least as far as Pythagoras). Unfortunately, the page detailing the Pythagorean connection is one of many on this site that's mis-coded and partially unreadable: here's hoping Craig fixes them quickly, since what is discernible looks rather fascinating. Frankly, while I put no stock in science as the ultimate arbiter of the human condition, Craig's Gurdjieff-Ouspensky path leads so far away from that direction that I'm looking forward to his getting CelestialScience straightened out and readable. If it's science you crave, look elsewhere. If it's truth you seek, check back now and again to see if Anthony Craig has ironed out some of the kinks.

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