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WOW!APR 24, 2000 - AEON, a journal of myth and science with a focus on comparative mythology and archaeoastronomy, is intriguing in a crazy yet still scholarly way. The archaeoastronomy connection alone is enough to recommend this website to anyone with an interest in things astrological. But if you also have a curiosity about cosmic catastrophes - real, imagined, Velikovskian or what-have-you - well then, AEON really is just too good to miss. (Even if it is a definite walk on the wild side.) Of course this website is your ticket to subscribe to the journal ($40 per year) if you wish, or purchase back issues. Better yet, you can get a good, free online introduction to a few representative topics: the mythology of Aphrodite for example, and the whole general notion of the Saturn theme - lost worlds, warring planets and cosmic catasrophe. Fascinating, fantastic stuff . . .

Technical note: Web Site Garage rates AEON fair over-all and in load time (26.13 seconds on a 28.8k modem). In comparison, the page you're now reading rates excellent in both categories (9.66 seconds to load at 28.8k).

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