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WOW!APR 3, 2000 - Global Current Events is where you go if you can't get your fill of predictions here at Astropro. The anonymous author - known only as "Wizard Astrologer" offers some predictions on the US elections, for example. Most are vague or banal, and the clearest of the lot is vaguely disturbing: "War issues will remain at the forefront of this office." (If you thought you'd get the name of the next President, forget it. The Wizard either doesn't know or isn't telling yet.) The earthquake predictions are likewise vague, largely because they specify "The Location Where Quakes Are Expected to Hit" (sic) as stretching from "29.94w longitude, across the Americas and Pacific Ocean to 151.06e longitude, from the North Pole to the South Pole." The highest peaks in earthquake activity, we're told, come on April 30 and May 1-14 this year. If you don't think there will be strong earthquakes on those dates somewhere in the specified HUGE chunk of Planet Earth, then you might be interested in some of the other predictions the Wizard has: on roller coasters, space misadventures, railway crashes, etc. Strange . . . and worth a visit if only to appreciate how strange.

Technically speaking, Web Site Garage rates Global Current Events good over-all, poor in load time (61.78 seconds at 28.8k). By comparison, the page you're now reading rates excellent in both categories, with a load time of 9.17 seconds at 28.8k.

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