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WOW!JAN 17, 2000 - Castle Besiegement in Sport is a timely web page, what with the Super Bowl fast approaching now. Presenting the results of a research project by Bernadette Brady and J. Lee Lehman on Guido Bonatti's 12th Century technique for analyzing contests, Castle Besiegement in Sport outlines a method which has been 73% correct in picking Super Bowl winners in the past. Originally published quite a few years ago in the Journal of the Astrological Association (which graciously makes this article available as part of its educational outreach program), Brady and Lehman's study clearly spells out all the rules it takes to apply Bonatti's technique to any qualifying siege where an incumbent must defend a prize or trophy against a challenger. Try the method yourself on this year's Super Bowl - or maybe the November 7, 2000 US Presidential election!

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