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WOW!NOV 22, 1999 - Net Enquirer Astrology gets Sun Signs right. Which is to say, it's a joke. "Sun Sign Astrology" - there's an oxymoron for you - is the very soul of silliness, and the great "Swami River" knows it. Therefore each week this "mystic seer from the East takes his booth at Denny's and reveals astrological secrets, the horoscope of your future and what you had to eat this morning from the mess you made on your shirt." Unless you're Gemini, in which case the Swami's horoscope for your sign is "You really don't want to know." At least Pisces can look forward to a change of pace, it seems: "An old friend you went to school with is quite different in appearance. He's wearing a push-up bra and a thong." "Sun Sign Astrology" being a parody unto itself, Net Enquirer Astrology is right on target.

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