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WOW!NOV 8, 1999 - Shamanic Astrology is a fascinating study in contradictions, detailing Daniel Giamario's approach to the cosmic craft. Giamario doesn't claim to be a shaman, but his system is founded on an experiential approach to the Earth-sky dyanmic that would be familiar to the shamans of non-technological ages past. "The practioner of Shamanic Astrology," Daniel says, "is trained in the unaided eye knowledge and experience of the night sky, and the sacred rhythms and cycles and motions of the cosmos." Giamario aims to apply such training "to track and understand the planetary cycles and their relationship to the process of initiation." While you can explore the Giamario approach offline and in-depth at your leisure via his Shamanic Astrology Handbook, you'll find plenty of online articles to get you started - including those by Carolyn Brent in the Celestial Timings Archives section.

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