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WOW!SEP 27, 1999 - Astrozine is a good place to start if you're looking for celebrity horoscopes. Check the Table of Contents to review the current featured celebrities. They're grouped into several categories: features, babes, bad boys, big shots, match made in heaven (celebrity couples), studs, super stars, and rising stars. Select whichever name catches your eye, and you'll get a thumbnail astro-biographical sketch plus a standard computerized natal chart interpretation - in some cases, you can also view the person's birth chart. While most of these celebrity data are untimed and every one I checked lacked a data source reference in any case, there's plenty enough here to at least get you started in your quest for celebrity astrology. And if you're a beginning student of the cosmic craft, seeing how each individual factor is interpreted can give you a leg up in learning the ropes.

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