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WOW!AUG 16, 1999 - Athena's Web is thoughtful, thought-provoking online astrology. The weekly columns focus on the state of world affairs as viewed through the patterns in the heavens. More than timely, prophetic. On a more personal scale is the "Daily Planets" feature, a kind of celestial weather report you might find helpful in planning out your own individual agenda. For the more astrologically sophisticated, the aspectarian is a great graphic guide to what's happening in the heavens on a weekly basis. Athena's Greatest Hits, although still under construction, offers some of the best astrology articles you'll find on the Web. Like predictions? Then you'll find plenty of fascinating stuff in the USA Predictions.

Technical note: Web Site Garage rates Athena's Web good over-all, fair in load time (26.22 seconds on a 28.8k modem). In comparison, the page you're now reading rates good over-all and in load time (11.10 seconds at 28.8k).

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