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WOW!JUL 5, 1999 - The Kozman's Horrorscope is some of the best "Sun Sign Astrology" - there's an oxymoron for you - anywhere on the World Wide Web. In the whole world, for that matter. Which is to say, it's a bunch of crap. But at least it's unpretentious crap, unlike the poseur stuff you see in the newspapers and magazines. Which is to say, the Kozman doesn't take himself or his subject too seriously. Or rather, not at all seriously. Not even enough to edit his silly columns. Smart guy. "Sun Sign Astrology" being utter nonsense anyway, why would anyone bother to polish it up? Which explains why I found gems like the Kozman's advice for Sagittarius for the week of JUN 28-JUL 4: "Add something special to your love life, yes Iím talking about bringing in the heavy artillery. Go to the nearest adult bookstore . . . Nothing quite like a little extra motion or lotion for that dried up ocean. Iím ready to hang ten and make some waves, why are you still reading this shitty column for?"

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