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WOW!MAR 22, 1999 - Jonathan Dunn is the website of - you guessed it - Jonathan Dunn. And it's a goldmine of astrology and astronomy that's way too good to miss. For one thing there are the many articles, most quite brief and all very much on point: topics include Chiron (one of Dunn's major interests), planetary rulerships, Pluto, house systems, the center of mass of the solar system and much more. What sets Dunn's best work apart from practically anything else you've likely read is the way his astrology is informed by astronomy so as to yield startling new astrological perspectives. For example, check out the way he carves up the 20th Century into periods classified by the planet closest to the Earth/Moon system at the time. (This week it's Mercury. Next month it will be Mars.) In most such cases, Dunn plays a pure pathfinder role: he scouts out the territory, describes its terrain, and then leaves it to the reader to figure out what it might mean.

There's way more to Jonathan Dunn the website than I can even summarize here. (Don't miss the Diagrams & Charts section!) While hardly a paragon of web design, Jonathan Dunn is an all too rare focal point of online leading edge astrology. Don't miss out: check in early, and check back often.

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