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WOW!MAR 15, 1999 - Astrolore is, in its print incarnation, a beautiful and intelligent new astrological quarterly from England. The Astrolore website shows promise of becoming a major destination when it comes to online astrology magazines. At present, the online version is mainly of interest to anyone who'd like to subscribe to the print edition. You'll find a table of contents for the current issue (plus a one paragraph tease from a selected article), several full-length articles from past issues, and of course full subscription details. Editor Colin Wareham intends the Astrolore website "to be a fully-fledged on-line companion to the printed version, not just promo for it. The majority of back issue material," he tells me, "will be uploaded towards the end of April." Having had the opportunity to read the SEP 1998 issue, I must say I'm looking forward to seeing more of Astrolore online.

Technical note: Web Site Garage rates Astrolore fair over-all and poor in load time (due to lots of large images, the home page takes 39.04 seconds to load on a 28.8k modem). In comparison, the page you're now reading rates good in both categories (with a load time of 10.60 seconds at 28.8k).

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