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WOW!MAR 8, 1999 - SDAS is an acronym for the San Diego Astrological Society, for many years now one of the largest and most active local astrological associations in the US. Now that they've got their own website, you can check in at SDAS online to see what's happening. (Highly recommended if you're in the San Diego area, or plan to visit there.) You'll find a list of upcoming speakers, a map to help you find SDAS events, and - coming later in March - an online version of the SDAS Newsletter. As website design goes, the SDAS site is pretty much plain vanilla at present. (It is an AOL site, after all.) But it's clearly a work in progress, and yet already gives every evidence of a solid start. So I'm guessing you'll want to bookmark this one for future reference - particularly when they get the online newsletter up and running. (I've followed the hard copy version for years, and it is excellent.)

Technical note: Web Site Garage rates SDAS fair over-all and good in load time (10.34 seconds on a 28.8k modem). In comparison, the page you're now reading rates good in both categories (with a load time of 10.09 seconds at 28.8k).

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