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WOW!FEB 1, 1999 - Faculty of Astrological Studies may be the best place on the Web to start if you're looking for formal instruction in astrology. At the very least, the attractive and quick-loading FAS website is a resource not to be overlooked by anyone in search of a solid astrological education. For over 50 years, they've been teaching astrology to people all over the world. The FAS correspondence course is still done the old-fashion way - by 'snail mail' - but some of the tutors do have fax and email. Here's hoping the whole process goes electronic, the sooner the better! Courses are offered at three levels (certificate, intermediate and diploma), and you'll find a syllabus for each program online at the FAS website.

Technically speaking, Web Site Garage rates the Faculty of Astrological Studies home page excellent over-all and good in load time (14.94 seconds with a 28.8k modem). By comparison, the page you're now reading rates excellent in both categories, with a load time of 9.05 seconds at 28.8k.

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