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WOW!JAN 4, 1999 - Astrology in the Medicine Garden is a worthwhile resource for anyone in search of online instruction in the basics of astrology. The Basic Astrology Tutorial features articles by Dr. Eileen Nauman and Carol Willis to help get you up to speed if you're at a loss to understand such fundamentals as aspects, houses, the ascendant, Mercury retrograde, etc. There's also an Astrology FAQ that answers many of the Frequently Asked Questions about the cosmic craft. Don't think that Astrology in the Medicine Garden is for beginners only. There are also quite a few advanced and specialized articles to be found here - including Eileen Nauman's 1999 Forecast. All in all, there's more than enough here to warrant a bookmark for frequent revisits and further exploration for a long time to come, whatever your level of interest and expertise in astrology.

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