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WOW!NOV 16, 1998 - Leonid '98 Meteor Ouburst is NASA's site for showing you the sights of what may be the most spectacular meteor swarm you're ever likely to witness. Weather permitting, you're much better off watching the night skies than sitting at your computer poking around Leonid '98 Meteor Ouburst on Tuesday, November 17. That's when the Leonids are scheduled to put on their celestial fireworks show. But you'll have a better idea what to expect if you check in at the Leonid 1998 Mission Data Bank first. That's where you'll find that the peak in meteor activity - "2000-10,000 meteors" per hour - is expected on November 17 around 19:42 UT. (Don't sweat it, NASA provides time zone conversions.)

While you're getting set to see the heavens blaze, you may as well check out the history of the Leonids, from their first recorded appearance by Chinese astronomers in 902 CE (when "stars fell like rain"). There's plenty more to discover at Leonid '98 Meteor Ouburst - a photo gallery of Leonids, a description of NASA's 1998 mission to capture Leonid dust, lots of links and more. Quite enough to get you up to speed . . . and if there's a smidgen of cosmic wonder in your soul, more than enough to make you pray for clear skies Tuesday night. Happy skywatching! And if for some reason you miss those heavenly fireballs - well, Leonid '98 Meteor Ouburst at least offers the photos.

Technical note: Web Site Garage rates Leonid '98 Meteor Ouburst good over-all and in load time (20 seconds with a 28.8k modem). In comparison, the page you're now reading also rates good over-all and in load time (10.82 seconds at 28.8k).

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