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WOW!SEP 21, 1998 - Festival Astrology Mailing List is a sure cure for what ails you if you're not getting enough email. Click on over to this site, sign up for free, and you'll get so much email - most of it focusing on astrology - that your cup will indeed "runneth over." Mailing lists, in case you're not familiar with them, are the email equivalent of a town hall meeting: it's free speech gone electronic, if you will. Sign up with the Festival Astrology Mailing List, and you'll get a daily mail box full of astrology speak - and whatever else is on the minds of Festival participants, from celebrity birth data to astrological techniques and theories to . . . whatever. It's an astrological gab-fest and more, moderated by Sandra Rozhon. (For more free astrology mailing lists, see Tees Reitsma's Cosmic Connections.)

Technically speaking, Web Site Garage rates the Festival Astrology Mailing List website fair over-all and poor in load time. The home page is a hefty 112k download, which takes 41 seconds to come through on a 28.8k modem. (By comparison, the page you're now reading rates excellent over-all and in load time: 8.64 seconds at 28.8k.)

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