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WOW!AUG 31, 1998 - Erin Sullivan, astrologer is the home page of, well, Erin Sullivan the astrologer. It's a small website, little more than a few pages deep. But unless I miss my guess, this is a Net nexus with a future: one that will grow over time to the point that it's worth checking regularly to see what's new. Of course you'll find information on Erin's books, personal consultations, videos, and personal appearances - lectures, seminars and the like. (She also offers correspondence courses in astrology, by the way.) Erin's website does a good job as an online representation and point of contact in these departments. All the information is there, it's relatively quick-loading and quite readable.

If promoting her goods and services was all the Erin Sullivan, astrologer website does, I wouldn't be bringing it to your attention. All commercial sites do that! This one offers more. For one thing, there's an online version of Erin's wonderful and thoughtful article "Thinking Magically and Critically: Contemporary Astrology and Divination": recommended reading, especially if you're wondering just what astrology is all about. By way of its presentation as an "article bulletin," one can hope this particular article is a sample of more to come. And of course there's a collection of links to astrological and related sites of interest.

Technically speaking, Web Site Garage rates the Erin Sullivan, astrologer home page fair over-all - the same rating CNN Interactive and MSNBC get, by way of comparison. But Sullivan's home page rates better than either of these in the load time department: Web Site Garage ranks it good in this category. (The page loads in under 15 seconds with a 28.8k modem; in one second flat with a T1.)

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