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WOW!AUG 24, 1998 - Structure & Evolution of the Universe: now there's an ambitious title for a website, or anything else as far as that goes. Don't let the title fool you, this NASA website is not the handiwork of some megalomaniacal mad professor. (Except perhaps if you consider it arguable that any human attempt to understand the universe is a priori evidence of megalomania.) Philosophical debates aside, what we have here is real astronomy and cosmology in lay terms - and well illustrated, at that! Take for example the beginning of it all - the Universe and Everything, that is.

The good folks at NASA do a wonderful job of explaining the fundamentals of cosmology, and that alone is reason enough to visit Structure & Evolution of the Universe. But they're up to more than that, as you'll discover here. They're actually running missions to test various elements of cosmological theory. While you're poking around discovering the cosmos and what NASA's doing to answer the most basic questions of the universe, take a look at their nifty multimedia gallery, and maybe download yourself a free screen saver while you're at it . . .

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