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WOW!AUG 10, 1998 - Ping Wu's Taoist Diary may, from the title, sound like the daily journal of a mystic. And I suppose in a sense that's what it is, because from a rationalist point of view only a mystic would purport to write and publish "a diary of the future." That's exactly how Ping Wu himself describes this site in the introduction. "Here you can read the headlines of months to come long before they are set in type and run through the presses," he declares. I wish it were true! Alas, Ping Wu seems to have fallen behind schedule, since the latest forecast I could find anywhere at this site was for April 16-19, 1998. (Bummer!) Apparently that's about the time that Ping Wu went on some sort of hiatus . . .

Fortunately, Ping Wu's Taoist Diary doesn't leave us without some glimpse of the future, even if it's lacking in detail on much of 1998. For example, there's the millennium page, which offers a glimpse at the turn of the next century. What does he see? Oh dear - a war that will include "the limited use of nuclear weapons" and last several years!

Here's hoping Ping Wu's Taoist Diary gets back on track. I don't much like featuring a site that hasn't been updated in several months. But this one still looks ahead several years despite its recent inactivity, so there's plenty to explore there even as things stand now. (Check out the post-millennial predictions while you're there.)

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