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WOW!AUG 3, 1998 - AstroStar's Link Lounge is an attractive, quick-loading and selective collection of links to quality astrological and related sites. Follow those links, and you're sure to find some interesting places to visit on the World Wide Web. In addition to the general astrology sites, there's also a collection of links to Astro Twins resources on the Web. (Astro Twins are people born at or near the same time, and therefore have quite similar natal horoscopes even though they're not genetically related.) Vedic Astrology gets some attention here too, with links to selected online Jyotish resources.

There's more than astrology to AstroStar's Link Lounge, incidentally. You'll also find a selected directory of Spiritual and New Age links. Here again, plenty of connections to quality sites all 'round the World Wide Web - enough to keep your modem humming and your mind expanding for untold hours. All things considered, that rates a bookmark for sure!

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