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WOW!JUL 27, 1998 - Latest HST Pictures is an always current collection of links to the latest discoveries by the Hubble Space Telescope team. Sure it's educational, and that's fine in the curiosity department - although you might learn a thing or two if you actually wade through these press releases. (They're quite well-written, very clear and to the point.) More importantly, you're bound to see images that stir the soul as you gaze through Hubble's eye out into the vastness of the cosmos.

Some of these vistas reach very far back in time, depicting stellar and galactic events that happened billions of years ago. For example, there's a shot of distant supernovae, which astronomers are using to determine whether the universe has a more or less constant rate of expansion. (Current findings - as of 1998 - based on these images suggest the universe will expand forever.)

Other images you'll find here are closer to home in space and time, as for example the first image of a possible planet in a solar system other than our own - a solar system some 450 light-years away, which is almost next door in cosmic terms.

The above examples of the things to see and learn at Latest HST Pictures are just that - examples. Depending on when you visit, these examples may or may not still be online. But you can count on all the latest news from humanity's greatest eye on the universe, and that's always worth a bookmark in anyone's browser.

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