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WOW!JUL 13, 1998 - Kira Ivory's Astrology Page is an unassuming title for a website that's first of all much more than a single page - and what's more, it's hardly the ordinary run of the mill online astrology. This is specialized stuff, of interest to intermediate and advanced students of the cosmic craft with a yen to know more about things like asteroids. Ivory's tongue-in-cheek definition is illuminating: "ASTEROID=a steroid=A small but potent particle meant to catalyze growth with a major jumpstart and powerful results; interacting and affecting all other parts of oneself, including your hormones!" It's clear that Ivory intends this to be an ongoing series. But for now, only the asteroid Diana is treated in detail. Other topics treated in some detail at Kira Ivory's Astrology Page include medical astrology, the sesquiquadrate aspect, and Arabic Parts. (Of course you'll also find details on the various astrological services Kira offers!)

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