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WOW!JUL 6, 1998 - Meteor Showers by Gary Kronk is an especially timely site to visit right about now, what with the Southern Delta Aquarids meteor shower peaking this month. That's not to say you wouldn't find it illuminating to drop by any time year-round, because this site happens to include a Meteor Observing Calendar to point you in the right direction throughout the year.

The Southern Delta Aquarids meteor shower peaks at an hourly rate of 15-20 apparitions on July 29, so you're bound to get an eyeful if you're up before dawn. This peak swarm emanates from the 4th degree of the sign Pisces. If that happens to be a significant point in your own natal horoscope - check your chart! - then the end of July may well be an important time in your life. Popular astrology tends to ignore meteor showers, mainly because most astrologers are more or less ignorant of anything they can't find in an ephemeris or in whatever astrology software they're using. Astrologers of old paid attention to the heavens, and read the signs they saw there.

How to read a meteor swarm? Certainly, it represents a somewhat chaotic influx of energy into one's life; often the result of one's past interaction with others. It's a kind of transient turbulence or rush of events, if you will. The Delta Aquarids at the end of July, for example, emanate from the degree of Hillary Clinton's midheaven - the point of status. The midheaven being well-aspected (trine the sun) in the First Lady's natal chart, I'd guess that she picks up some measure of public support or empathy as this particular meteor swarm peaks in late July and early August . . .

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