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WOW!JUN 22, 1998 - USGS GNIS may sound pretty cryptic, but it's one of those acronyms that stands for a real mouthful and so it makes good sense. I mean, we're talking about the United States Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System here, after all. (No, I will NOT repeat that!)

The USGS GNIS is an excellent free online server that will give you super-accurate geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) for any location in the US and its territories. Even if your astrological software has a good built-in database of this sort, the USGS GNIS query page can still come in handy for those times when you need oddball places: an observatory or mountain peak where some event took place, for example. (There's also an Antarctica database, in case you find yourself in need of coordinates for WAY down under.) Definitely a worthwhile reference bookmark for any online astrologer!

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