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WOW!JUN 1, 1998 - Couteau's Astrocartography is not only a good primer on locational astrology, but a cogent presentation of Robert Couteau's theory that the least aspected planet in anyone's chart is a key to understanding not only the horoscope but also the person's place in the world - his or her astrolocality, as it were. Couteau dubs this least aspected focal point the 'Transcendant Planet' - if the person moves or travels to a place on earth where that planet is angular, as clearly explained in the Introduction page of this website. Celebrity and historical charts aplenty illustrate Couteau's thesis - or rather, their astrocartography maps do. (Couteau also explains how midpoints, 'parans' and other complications figure into his Transcendental Planet scheme, although this introduces enough variables to explain virtually anything.)

Couteau's Astrocartography furnishes ample case studies in support of his theory, both in terms of biographies and in relation to historical events. There's a great deal more besides - this site is a virtual online book, and there's even a second volume with more on transcendental planets. Thanks Robert, for making so much quality astrology available free for the browsing!

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