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WOW!MAY 25, 1998 - Wisdom is what the wise do and say, I suppose. What measures up on that count in your estimation or mine may not amount to much, unless we are wise. Maybe we are. Maybe D'Amor - the author of this week's selection - is wise to "to fear what the end of the Second Millennium may signal for mankind," and proclaim an "impending, imminent social and economic disaster." For my part, remembering the wisdom of Heraclitus - "You can't step twice into the same river" - I figure that because change is the only constant, the world as we know it is always coming to an end. So too will civilization, and the human species . . . but not with the new millennium.

Frankly, I'm not featuring this site because of its apocalyptic millennial speculations, entertaining as they may be. (Who doesn't love a good scare!?) Rather, I have chosen it because, of the four sites on the entire World Wide Web I could find that feature a MIDI version of "Aquarius" from the Broadway musical Hair, this is the only one that had a palatable rendition - despite several unfortunate clicks near the beginning and end of the sequence. (Listen and judge for yourself with a click here.) The others were so discordant as to mock the Utopian sentiments of the original . . . which, though appropriate, is a bit hard on the ears.

There's a delicious irony in D'Amor's choice of a Utopian theme like "Aquarius" as background music for rumblings about an impending apocalypse, inasumuch as the song's lyrics proclaim that "the dawning of the age of Aquarius" means "harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding." You can pretty well figure that both are wrong: the year 2001 brings no Armageddon, nor a Golden Age. Besides, for whatever it's worth, the Age of Aquarius is still centuries away . . .

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