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WOW!APR 27, 1998 - Diana Rosenberg's Fixed Stars is a must-see for anyone interested in sidereal astrology; which is to say, the astrology of stars and constellations. This handsome site offers some wonderfully well written, thoroughly researched articles by Diana Rosenberg, called "the world's foremost authority on fixed stars" by no less an authority than Rob Hand. Start with The Ground of Heaven, which explains the nature and lore of the constellations in detail - and how the constellations along the ecliptic are related to the familiar signs of the zodiac. There's some excellent historical background here, and a good basic explanation of the precession of the equinoxes - the phenomenon which causes the zodiacal signs to appear to move backwards through the constellations at a rate of about one degree every 72 years. (Thus giving rise to the Astrological Ages, including the much ballyhooed Age of Aquarius . . .)

Rosenberg's Fixed Stars is an invaluable online reference. Take for example the table of Constellation Spans, which gives the ecliptic boundaries for the constellations as defined by the International Astronomical Union . . . making it crystal clear that the zodiacal constellations are of unequal length, as opposed to the zodiacal signs which are all of equal size.

This is one of those websites where virtually every single page is a must-see for any astrophile: the article on Caput Algol (the most infamous star in the heavens), the one on Ptolemy's system of geographical rulerships, the wonderfully ironic article on omens and the hilarious pieces on sooths being a few I can't neglect mentioning. All of which might impel the serious student to inquire about Rosenberg's correspondence course on fixed stars, or perhaps look into the various books and supplies she offers by mail. (There's also a suggested bibliography to guide those interested in further study.)

All in all, I can't help recommending Rosenberg's Fixed Stars as a definite 'must-click', a site that rates a bookmark in any astrologer's browser.

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