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WOW!APR 20, 1998 - Lilly's Cottage is a truly historic website. It sounds like a charming country idyll, but in fact the site refers to the cottage where the great 17th Century English astrologer William Lilly was born. The cottage still exists. Traditional Astrologer, the British Astrological Association and Urania Trust are mounting a campaign to buy the landmark, where they hope to establish a "museum and heritage centre where astrological artefacts can be housed." Imagine that: an historic astrological retreat, where students and scholars can visit and conduct research.

Lilly's cottage is up for sale, with an asking price of 350,000 British pounds - a princely sum in its own right, but a pittance for an historic property of this caliber. To raise that kind of money, the three astrological organizations mentioned above are appealing for donations to "The Lilly Trust" - and as quickly as possible. Interested? Drop by Lilly's Cottage the website, look around, and give it some thought.

Lilly's Cottage is fairly simple as websites go, only a few pages deep. But it does include an ample explanation of the project, woodcuts of Lilly himself, the Lilly cottage, and the town of Diseworth. There are also a half-dozen recent photographs of the cottage, a list of pledges to date (they're about 10% of the way to their goal), and correspondence from astrologers around the world supporting the project. Feeling generous, got some spare cash? Visit Lilly's Cottage, and consider making a donation for the future - and the past - of astrology.

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